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About Us

CIVILIAN STRONG is a lifestyle brand made for active, driven people who are focused on achieving their goals and living successful lives - success defined on their own terms. 

Our product line, starting with coffee, is focused on providing you with products you can use to start your days powerfully. 

Any goal or life pursuit or ambition that's not top of mind, will fall by the wayside.

But we can avoid that by changing our environments to remind us daily of what we value most and what we're driving towards in life.

And that's what the CIVILIAN STRONG brand is meant to be: a daily reminder of what's most important to you.

It's meant to remind you to refocus every single day. To continue pursuing excellence in what you are doing. And to remind you that you can start every single day powerfully, in charge, and on track.


We use the tagline "FOR THE DRIVEN" because the world is a crazy place. 

Today it is easier than ever before to get lost, to lose focus, and to become disconnected from what's most important to us. 

To be and stay driven, to continue to pursue excellence in our chosen careers, to pursue excellence with our bodies and with our minds takes an all out effort, every single day. 

Despite how chaotic the world around you may seem, if you are still hell bent and determined to make your way in the world - to achieve your version of success and not some version someone else has served up to you - then you are driven, and CIVILIAN STRONG was made for you. 



Our goal is to provide you with a whole suite of products you can use to START YOUR DAYS POWERFULLY. 

We believe that how you use the first hour of your day is what determines your success.

All we have is today - there is no tomorrow.

Start your days off on the right foot and you've gone a long way towards ensuring you'll reach your goals and ambitions. 

We're here to help you on your journey. We're here to help keep your DRIVE burning and to fuel your mornings so you can tackle each day with power. 

And this is just the beginning...

- Adam