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Espresso Roast - 1 lb / 16 oz
Espresso Roast - 1 lb / 16 oz

Espresso Roast - 1 lb / 16 oz

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Our espresso roast consists of a three bean blend directly imported from growers in Colombia, Indonesia, and Brazil. Each bean is carefully processed and chosen for its ability to produce a flavour profile that is well balanced and sweet, with an excellent mouth feel.

Flavours of chocolate and toffee come to mind and are accentuated in milk.

Our espresso roast also works great in a french press or drip machine. Simply adjust the grind size of your grinder to suit your brewing method.

Espresso typically requires the finest grind size, drip machines require a medium sized grind, and french presses can accommodate a slightly larger grind.


Roast Level: Medium
Countries of Origin: Colombia + Indonesia + Brazil
Roasted In: Vancouver, B.C, Canada
Bean Varieties: Bourbon, Jember, Ateng, Garundang, Caturra
Process: Washed/Sun Dried | Wet Hulled | Natural
Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Syrup, Toffee


Our recommended espresso machine parameters:

18 grams dry
36 - 38 grams wet
29 - 31 seconds total extraction time
201 Degrees F

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